Cross-Border Business Planning and U.S. Incorporation for Canadians

We will incorporate your business in Delaware, Nevada or in another U.S. state, and:
  • Consider the correct legal entity for your business needs (i.e., close corporation, general corporation, limited liability company, etc.)
  • Discuss your cross-border tax plan
  • File your documents with the secretary of state
  • Keep track of your annual filings
There are many inexpensive do-it-yourself kits and guides that will allow you to incorporate online in Delaware or Nevada. Therefore, business owners often believe that they don't need a lawyer to incorporate in the U.S. However, by incorporating yourself without a professional consultation, you may be asking for serious tax and structural problems down the road. One has to consider the complex interaction of Canadian and U.S. state and federal tax laws when running a business in the U.S. from Canada. A lawyer can help you correctly lay out the business and tax structure of your company from day one and set out the rights and responsibilities for you and your business partners.

Harrison Law, an Ottawa-based U.S. business law firm, works with Canadians who have U.S.-focused businesses. In addition to forming the appropriate entity, our business engagements are centered around intellectual property ownership and protection, capital structure, and co-founder equity division. We also represent companies in reorganizations and other corporate transactions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or call us at +1-613-219-7576 for more information.

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