Some Key Clauses in Shareholder Agreements

Here are a few key practical considerations about shareholders’ agreements for founders to keep in mind. Management & Operations. Parties to the agreement should have their roles and obligations well defined. This should include the composition of the board of directors, as well as the relationship between minority and majority shareholders. Appointment of Board of […]


Delaware Corporate Annual Report and Franchise Tax Payments

All corporations incorporated in the State of Delaware are required to file an Annual Report and to pay a franchise tax. Exempt domestic corporations do not pay a tax but must file an Annual Report. The Annual Report filing fee for all other domestic corporations is $50.00 plus taxes due upon filing of the Annual […]


S Corporation vs. LLC

Many small business owners choose between an S corporation and a limited liability company (LLC) when choosing a formal legal structure for their business. Both LLCs and S corporations offer their owners limited liability protection. If you run your business as a sole proprietor, then business creditors can reach your assets even if those assets […]


Why Have a Shareholder Agreement?

Although though there is no legal requirement to have a shareholder agreement, every company with more than one shareholder should have one. Shareholder agreements ensure that the rights and obligations of the shareholders are properly thought through. The agreement works together with a company’s articles of incorporation, but will give shareholders greater protection than can […]


Transfer pricing regulations between the United States and Canada

In general “transfer pricing” can be defined as the internal pricing of goods or services when a company transfers goods or services internally across national borders. Usually this relates to a multinational company that has subsidiaries in several countries, and when these subsidiaries transfer goods, services, software, intellectual property etc. between each other. The general […]


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